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About Social Dap

Dapping: The knocking of fists together as a greeting, or form of respect.

A recent study done by TapInfluence and Nielsen highlighted that influencer marketing yields an 11 to 1 ROI after 1 year. Social Dap gives your brand the short term and long term punch you’ve been looking for.  By our influencers dapping with one another they’ve agreed to collectively share each others uniquely created content for the life of a brands campaign giving it mass view-ability that demands interaction.

Social Dap was created by influencers who understand what it takes to create a successful campaign on a brands behalf to ensure they are receiving the ROI they deserve.  Social Dap has collected some of the worlds most powerful influencers to embark on this journey together.

How it Works

Influencers Creating and Sharing Each others Content

By the Numbers for a 1 Month Campaign

Daily Impressions
Thousand Daily Engagements
Daily Page Views
Yearly Page Views

Social Dap is influencer marketing like no other delivering massive scale

Who we are?


These folks are just a few of our influencers that will work within your campaign.

Billy Parisi

Billy Parisi

Chef Billy Parisi
Jamielyn Nye

Jamielyn Nye

I heart Nap Time
Aubrey Cota

Aubrey Cota

Real House Moms

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